Enhancing Your Valuable Landscape

We create landscape plans tailored to you and to your property. Our ultimate goal is to bring you and your family the serenity, excitement and pleasure you deserve from your greenspace.

Tree and Shrub Care

At Talbot Ecological Land Care we are recognized throughout the region for the beautiful and effective landscapes we design and install for our clients. We draw on over twenty years of ecological design, planting and construction experience to create or improve outdoor greenspace from planning and design to final installation and planting.

We are also nationally recognized for creating and installing landscapes that are truly low maintenance by using environmental principles in all of our work. The long term success of your lawns, trees, shrubs and gardens depends on building organically rich, balanced soils for optimum plant health and pest resistance. We select plants appropriate to your site with pest, stress and drought resistance. Finally, we never cut corners, using the best installation practices known…and guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Some of the exciting options we offer for landscape design and enhancement include:

  • Beautiful, Natural Landscapes in Harmony with the Local Ecology
  • Wildlife & Habitat Gardens (to attract birds, butterflies, wildlife)
  • Wetland, Pond & Bog Gardens
  • Meadow, Woodland & Wildflower Gardens (great lawn substitutes!)
  • Edible Landscapes (designing with food plants)
  • Trees & Shrubs Used with Perennials to Create Borders, Islands or Edges
  • Landscapes for New Homes
  • Restoration of Old or Un-Interesting Landscapes
  • Hardscapes (patios, walls & walkways)
  • Conservation Restoration & Mitigation
  • Landscape Installation for Long-term Sustainability & Value