Environmentally Sound Land Care Planning

We are pioneers in organic lawn and landscape care.

Landscape Design and Restoration

Talbot Ecological Land Care has many years of experience in Conservation Design and Restoration working with Conservation Commissions, conservation agents, engineers, surveyors, environmental consultants, landscape architects, designers, biologists, attorneys and homeowners providing our unique expertise in conservation design and mitigation services. Michael Talbot has extensive knowledge in native plant communities and has lectured to conservation agents and conservation professionals. He was also vice-chair of one of the busiest Conservation Commissions in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and has provided consulting services to numerous Conservation Commissions in the region. Talbot Ecological Land Care can help you meet stringent conservation regulations, while also achieving the landscape you desire.

Our services include:

  • Developing conservation designs, mitigation plans and conservation filings to obtain permits and approvals for both residential and commercial projects-both alone or working with your team of development professionals.
  • Design and restoration experience for restoring and enhancing dunes, salt marshes, wetlands, coastal shrublands, coastal grasslands and forested buffer zones-including all phases of site work.
  • Obtaining Vista Pruning permits and successfully completing the vista pruning services to improve your views.
  • With our excellent working relationships with Conservation Agents and Conservation Commissions throughout Southeastern Massachusetts, TELC can get the permit, work successfully with Conservation Commissions and other boards, and get the project completed with peace of mind for you.

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