Protecting Your Investment in Your Greenspace

Our programs use the finest in slow-release and natural fertilizers to enhance long-term plant health.

Ecological Lawn Care

Talbot Ecological Land Care is nationally recognized as a pioneer and leading practitioner of Ecological Land Care-including Natural-Organic and Least Toxic Lawn Care. These programs include:

  • Plant & lawn health through fertility & management of insect, disease & weed pests-in a way that protects the environment and the health of family and pets
  • Natural/organic & ecological lawn care
  • Environmental-friendly management of trees, shrubs & plants
  • Ornamental pruning & plant restoration

At Talbot Ecological Land Care we are nationally recognized for our ability to assess and solve tree, lawn, plant and landscape problems. Michael Talbot teaches this subject at the University of Maine as a visiting lecturer. We use these abilities to develop an appropriate and environmentally sensitive plan to manage and enhance a landscape’s value and to bring peace of mind.

It is now known that fertilizers and pesticides are a significant source of pollution to groundwater and to the sensitive bays, streams and ponds we all enjoy. Due to the beneficial qualities of our natural fertilizers we can attain the same or better results using significantly less-and applying them in a way that is even more environmentally friendly.

Managing pests on lawns and plantings is accomplished by promoting natural pest control and the most environmentally sensitive treatments known to be effective. We also offer truly natural organic landscape care.

For the discerning lawn owner Talbot Ecological Land Care has pioneered an innovative, low impact and effective program of weed management through the use of least toxic materials spot applied only where needed. This avoids the extensive-and often excessive-pesticide use typical in most lawn programs.