Providing professional conservation expertise.

Our highly regarded consulting services are grown out of experience.

Consulting Services

Talbot Ecological Land Care is well-known for providing a range of consulting services for individuals, associations, companies and anyone with legal, development or property damage issues. Michael Talbot has excellent assessment, writing and other communication skills. He has testified and presented in court and before many municipal, regional and state boards and commissions with successful outcomes.

Talbot Ecological Land Care’s primary concern with any prospective consulting client is to provide ethical and effective services that help clients achieve their desired end result. Talbot Ecological Land Care adheres to the highest professional standards, as is required by its membership in the American Society of Consulting Arborists. This includes recognized expertise in forensic assessment of site issues with experience in legal, conservation, insurance, and site development issues.

TELC consulting services include:

  • Working with lawyers, appraisers, surveyors, engineers, landscape architects, insurance companies & other professionals on a range of legal, property damage & development issues providing reports, assessments & expert witness testimony
  • Appraisal of trees and landscape values for legal purposes, insurance claims & estate planning
  • Assessment of tree, shrub, lawn, soil, site & landscape management problems, including assessments & recommendations for potentially hazardous trees
  • Site assessment, protection or restoration of trees & plants before, during or after construction to preserve or protect valuable plants from construction damage
  • Development of environmentally friendly tree, plant & lawn care programs for other companies, institutions & large property owners.
  • Identification & assessment of native & ornamental plants.
  • Conservation design & planning for regulatory compliance & to enhance landscape beauty & enjoyment

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